The Most Advanced Picosure Laser for Tattoo Removal Right Here in Newcastle


Tattoo Removal with Picosure


Everyone deserves a second chance. We all make decisions at times in our lives that seem perfectly reasonable in the moment. Our lives change. The moment changes. Surely we should be able to start with a fresh canvas. With the huge rise in body art, estimated at 1 in 5 adults and over half of all women aged over 18, removing unwanted tattoos has never been more important. Effective and efficient means of tattoo removal have lagged behind the rise in the number of tattoos until the advent of the Picosure Laser. Research has shown that up to 20% of people with tattoos regret their decision.


Let us create a new canvas for you. Hunter Laser Tattoo Removal Staff and Facilities will offer you the best treatment available in the world for Tattoo removal. A Fresh Canvas. A Fresh Start.


Free Radiation Tattoo


As a service to those patients who have undergone radiation treatment for any reason and have radiation marker tattoos, we will gladly remove these at no cost to you.

This is just our way of helping you complete your journey to recovery.

Tattoo Coverups

Laser tattoo removal can be a great help in a tattoo coverup. If a tattoo is large, awkwardly placed or simply very dark, a few sessions of laser tattoo removal can lighten the tattoo to a point where it may be easier for another artist to place new work over the top.

We have a great relationship with the professional team at Diabolik Tattoo and Piercing and recommend them to any of our clients who may be looking for coverup work.

Payment Plans

Apply for a fair and flexible payment plan through FUNDA. Get the things you want fast, with competitive rates you can afford.